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Independent Surrogacy vs. Agency Surrogacy [Choosing the Right Path for You]

Key Points:
  • Surrogates and couples considering surrogacy can pursue this family-building option independently or through an agency.
  • Independent surrogacy might seem appealing, but the process requires coordination from experienced professionals.
  • The right surrogacy agency helps navigate the entire process, provides a personal guide and increases your chance of success and having the experience you want.

You have chosen surrogacy, and you’re 100% confident that it’s the right path for you. But you’re unsure whether you should pursue an independent surrogacy or work with an agency. There’s no doubt that this is an important decision, so how do you know which option is right for you?

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In the meantime, though, we have put together this detailed guide that should help you make this monumental choice. This will have a significant impact on your surrogacy process, so be sure to take all the time that you need to think it over.

Independent Surrogacy vs. Agency Surrogacy [What You Need to Know]

When you decide to become a gestational surrogate, you can either work with a surrogacy agency or pursue independent surrogacy. Both of these are viable options, and prospective surrogates have found success with each path. There isn’t a “right” answer when it comes to independent vs. agency surrogacy; there is only what is right for you.

This applies to intended parents, too. You can choose whichever option better suits your needs, so weigh each one to see what fits your preferences.

Whether you’re an intended parent or a prospective surrogate, it’s always a good idea to speak with a surrogacy professional before committing to a type of surrogacy. Even if you are more interested in independent surrogacy, talking it over with a trusted professional can give you a better understanding of how surrogacy works.

Who Should Choose Independent vs. Agency Surrogacy?

Often, people choose independent surrogacy because they already have a prospective surrogate, such as a close friend or family member, in mind. But, even in these cases, a surrogacy agency can provide many valuable services (often at a reduced cost for the intended parents).

If you haven’t found the intended parents or a prospective surrogate yet, you can find a surrogacy professional who will ensure the other party is properly screened. Whether you are pursuing independent surrogacy vs. agency surrogacy, this is a vital step.

If you are pursuing surrogacy without an agency, then remember that you must prepare for the following:

  • Advertising and matching with a prospective surrogate or intended parent (if you don’t know who they are already)
  • Screening the other party to ensure that they are eligible for and committed to surrogacy and ready for its challenges
  • Managing each step of the surrogacy, including travel arrangements, medical records and more
  • Finding legal and medical professionals to work with
  • And more

There’s no doubt that surrogacy can be complex, so you must be aware of these responsibilities before committing to independent surrogacy. If you’re uncertain whether you can handle these components alone, then working with a surrogacy agency could be the right choice for you.

Surrogacy Guidance: Agency vs. Non-Agency [What Should You Choose?]

This is your choice and no one else’s. Only you can decide whether independent or agency-assisted surrogacy is best for your situation, and each of those options comes with its own set of pros and cons. If you’re looking for surrogacy guidance, agency vs. non-agency surrogacy, each has unique components to be mindful of.

Below, we’ll go over what some of those aspects are to help you make a decision:

Surrogacy without an Agency [Independent Surrogacy]

  • Necessary services may be more difficult to coordinate. Surrogacy is far from simple, and handling sensitive, personal information such as the intended parents’ background checks and the prospective surrogate’s medical history can be tricky to navigate. For first-time surrogates and first-time intended parents, these difficulties can be even more confusing.
  • The costs associated with independent surrogacy may add up. Although surrogacy without an agency may seem cheaper at first, you’ll be responsible for paying for extra professionals. For instance, you will need to pay for a fertility clinic and a surrogacy attorney. These can be rather costly, and you may need to pay by the hour instead of a flat rate, as it would be when you’re working with a surrogacy agency.
  • You will be in control of each step of the surrogacy journey. But, with this control, you will also have a greater sense of responsibility. If you’re exploring other options, though, then a reputable surrogacy professional can do the heavy lifting, and you still get to call all the shots.

Surrogacy with an Agency

  • You will be aware of the costs of surrogacy. Though independent surrogacy may seem less expensive at first glance, surrogacy professionals tend to charge a flat fee, which can make it cheaper in the long run. On top of this, plenty of credible surrogacy professionals are transparent about what they charge, such as the fees intended parents must pay and the compensation for surrogate mothers.
  • Your surrogacy experience takes place under one roof. You will still need to work with a fertility clinic and attorneys outside of your agency, but your agency can refer you to these professionals and coordinate the services you need. So, you don’t have to juggle all those professionals and steps on your own.
  • Your surrogacy professional can help you find the perfect match. When you’re a prospective surrogate, a surrogacy agency can help you find the perfect intended parents. For intended parents, they can help you find the right prospective surrogate. They have thorough screening processes that ensure each party is 100% ready for surrogacy. Finding a surrogate or intended parents without an agency can not only be stressful, but it can also be dangerous.


Working with the right surrogacy agency means more highly qualified surrogates, a higher rate of success and shorter wait times.

No matter what path you choose, it’s important to do your research so that you can make the best decision for your situation. Only you know what is best for you, and no one should try to sway you otherwise. Take all the time you need, too, as this is a big decision that will have an immense impact on your surrogacy journey.

If you have any more questions about independent surrogacy vs. agency surrogacy, you can reach out to us today to get the answers you need.

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