Age Requirements for Surrogates

For many women, the dream of becoming a gestational carrier is a lifelong one. Some women know they want to be a surrogate from a very young age, while others are inspired to take this journey after they have experienced the joy of parenthood themselves.

While women across all ages can hope to become surrogates, only those women within a certain age range can actually pursue this path.

Like all health requirements to be a surrogate, age requirements to be a surrogate exist for a specific reason — to keep you, a prospective surrogate, safe through this journey. In the articles below, learn more about the requirements for being a surrogate at every age and exactly why they will be so important to prospective surrogates like you.

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    Surrogate Age Requirements

    Before you can become a surrogate, you need to meet the age requirements for surrogacy. Learn what an appropriate gestational surrogate age is here, as well as why surrogacy professionals set these important requirements.

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    Minimum Age to be a Surrogate

    Want to be a surrogate — but not sure if you’re old enough to take this journey? Find out what the surrogate mother minimum age is here and why surrogacy professionals set this age requirement.

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    Maximum Age to Be a Surrogate

    How old is too old to be a surrogate mother? What are the risks of an older surrogate? Find the answers to these questions and more in our guide to surrogate age limits and requirements.

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    Can You be a Teen Surrogate?

    Is being an 18-year-old surrogate mother or a 19-year-old surrogate possible? Learn more about the age requirements to be a gestational carrier here, including everything you need to know about teen surrogacy.

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    Surrogate in Your 20s

    Becoming a gestational carrier in your 20s is definitely an option for you! But, there are some questions you should ask yourself first. Before you get started, read more about becoming a surrogate during this decade to determine if it’s the right path for you.

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    Surrogate in Your 30s

    Thinking about surrogacy as a 30-something? You’re in luck — you are an ideal surrogate candidate! Learn more about the requirements to become a surrogate in your 30s before starting your own surrogacy journey.

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    Surrogate in Your 40s

    Is 43 too old to be a surrogate? Can I become a surrogate mother at age 47? Wherever you are in your 40s, learn more about the potential for gestational surrogacy at this age — and find out whether you will be eligible for the journey ahead.

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    Surrogate in Your 50s

    Sometimes, women who are in the middle of their life want to give back by serving as a gestational carrier. But, how possible is this path — and what should you know before you get started? Learn more here.

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    Surrogate in Your 60s

    You’ve heard stories of grandmothers delivering their own grandchildren — but is this actually a possibility? Can a 60-year-old woman be a surrogate for someone that she knows? Learn more about the eligibility requirements and the pros and cons of this process here.