Health Requirements for Surrogates

If you’re considering being a surrogate, you probably are aware of the commitment that this journey requires from you. But, have you thought long and hard about the physical challenges you may experience along the way?

Through all of its ups and downs, being a surrogate can be hard on a woman’s body. So, surrogacy professionals require gestational carriers meet certain medical requirements before they are approved for the process. These medical requirements exist to protect your safety and the safety of the intended parents’ baby whom you will carry in your womb.

Below, find answers to some of the most common asked questions about surrogate health requirements. When in doubt, we encourage you to contact a surrogacy professional or reproductive endocrinologist for more information.

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    Surrogate Health Requirements

    What are the health requirements to be a surrogate mother? breaks down some of your most commonly asked questions on the topic.

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    Can you be a Surrogate After Tubal Ligation?

    Can you be a surrogate if you have a tubal ligation? The answer is yes. Here, learn why being a surrogate after having your tubes tied can be an ideal situation because of how the gestational surrogacy process works.

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    Can you be a Surrogate with STIs?

    Can I be a surrogate if I have HPV? Can you be a surrogate mother with herpes? If you’re asking yourself any of these questions or more, check out our guide to gestational surrogacy with sexually transmitted infections before deciding it’s the right path for you.

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    Can You Be a Surrogate After Menopause?

    Can a postmenopausal woman be a surrogate? If you’re considering being a gestational carrier after you’ve lost your fertility, there are some important things you should know first. Here, find out whether being a surrogate mother in menopause is possible for you.

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    Weight Requirements for Surrogacy

    What’s the best BMI for a surrogate? Why is there a weight requirement to be a surrogate? Learn the answers to these questions and more to determine if you are eligible to become a gestational carrier.

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    Can You Be a Surrogate on Antidepressants?

    When you manage your depression with medication, you may not think that your mental health will impact your ability to become a gestational carrier. But it can — and it will. Learn more about becoming a surrogate with depression here before you contact a surrogacy professional.