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Surrogacy in Eugene

You’ll need the help and guidance of a team of experienced professionals when you’re pursuing surrogacy in Eugene, Oregon, whether you’re a hopeful parent or a prospective surrogate. We’ve made it easy for you to find the Eugene surrogacy professionals you need by compiling the top-rated agencies, clinics, attorneys and more into one resource guide. Now, you can get started on your journey to becoming a parent through surrogacy or becoming a surrogate in Eugene in less time and with less stress.

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Or, start with this guide to the best local professionals for surrogacy in Eugene, Oregon, to find what you need:

Surrogacy Agencies in Eugene

A Eugene surrogacy agency (also called a surrogacy program) handles everything for the intended parents and surrogate, including searching, screening, matching, case management, counseling and any necessary referrals. They’d be your primary professional and your main point of contact throughout the entirety of the surrogacy process. For this reason, people who have no prior experience with surrogacy often prefer to work with a surrogacy agency in Eugene.

The best surrogacy agencies who work with intended parents and surrogates in Eugene, Oregon, include:

Surrogacy Clinics in Eugene, Oregon

The intended parents and surrogate will need to go to a Eugene surrogacy clinic, also sometimes called a fertility clinic, for the medical aspects of their surrogacy process, such as IVF and embryo transfer. Out-of-town surrogates may need to travel to the intended parents’ clinic for some of the key appointments, and will be compensated for travel expenses by the intended parents, if necessary.

Intended parents who were previously undergoing fertility treatments with a particular clinic prior to pursuing surrogacy may wish to continue going to the same professional for their surrogacy journey. However, if you don’t already have a connection to a certain clinic, your Eugene surrogacy professional can likely recommend you to a trusted location, or you can reach out to one of these local providers:

Eugene Surrogacy Lawyers

A Eugene surrogacy attorney is needed for both the intended parents and the surrogate for the legal steps of the surrogacy process to ensure that each party is fairly represented. Your surrogacy lawyer will create your surrogacy contract, which must be finalized before you move on to the medical stages of surrogacy. Surrogacy contracts are important for establishing the legal parental rights of the intended parents, compensation for the surrogate, confirming the risks that each party does and does not agree to, establishing expectations and what you’d each like your social roles to be throughout the process and more.

Your professional for surrogacy in Eugene, OR, can usually put you in touch with a trusted surrogacy attorney in the area, or you can get in contact with one of these lawyers:

Maternity Hospitals in Eugene

A surrogacy birth plan is typically outlined when the surrogacy contract is created. The surrogate will usually decide how and where she’d feel most comfortable delivering, so that everyone understands the plan before she goes into labor. When that time does come, intended parents often travel to be with their surrogate, supporting her and joining her in welcoming their baby.

The nearest maternity hospital in Eugene, OR, that you may wish to consider for your surrogacy birth plan is:

Starting Your Eugene Surrogacy Process

Partnering with a professional for surrogacy in Eugene, OR, who you feel comfortable with and trust is one of the most important first steps you can take when starting your surrogacy journey. Not sure where to start with a potential surrogacy professional? Try these questions:

  • “How do you screen potential intended parents and surrogates?”
  • “What do you require for potential surrogates and intended parents who want to work with you?”
  • “Do you offer matching services for surrogates and parents? If yes, how does that matching process work?”
  • “What additional services do you provide for surrogates and intended parents in Eugene?”
  • “How much, on average, does it cost for intended parents to use your services?”

Knowing that your Eugene, Oregon, surrogacy professional is experienced, compassionate and can help you meet your individualized needs and goals can help you to relax and enjoy the surrogacy experience. Make sure that your surrogacy professional is the right fit for you!

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