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How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Georgia?

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Understandably, one of the first questions on the mind of hopeful parents is, “How much does surrogacy cost in Georgia?” If you’re considering choosing this path to parenthood, you want to know if you’ll be able to afford the Georgia surrogacy cost.

Surrogacy, like adoption or IVF, can unfortunately be a costly endeavor for families. We advise you to contact a surrogacy professional for an estimate.

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There are a lot of moving parts involved, variables that are different in each person’s situation and other factors that can influence your total surrogacy cost in Georgia. U.S.A. professionals tend to have similar fee structures, however, so the following guide will give you a general idea of the types of fees you may pay and where that money would be going:

Agency Fees

These go to your primary professional and cover all of the services they provide, including background checks, screenings, support, advertising, insurance assessment and more. Your agency fees should remain fixed, no matter how long your individual surrogacy process takes.

Variable Expenses

While the agency fees should be fixed, these variable fees will change depending on a number of factors in your particular circumstances. The three most expensive variable costs in your total surrogacy cost in Georgia are legal services, medical expenses and surrogate compensation:

Legal Services

The intended parents and surrogate must have a legal contract to protect those involved. These contracts detail the practical and financial responsibilities of each party, what would happen in the event of a range of scenarios and more. For these legal processes, you’ll need two separate attorneys.

Some situations will require more legal services than others. For example, in traditional surrogacy, there are legal steps required to terminate the surrogate’s parental rights. Post-birth legal measures are needed in some situations.  Additionally, the legal expenses can vary depending on state laws.

You can see why it’s difficult to place an estimate on these services. Your agency will be able to provide you with more information, but you’ll likely need to consult with an experienced surrogacy attorney for a quote based on your circumstances.


Surrogacy agencies have a network of trusted surrogacy attorneys to choose from. The legal fees from these attorneys are often included in the overall budget for your surrogacy for financial clarity.

Medical Expenses

This makes up a significant portion of the total expenses for surrogacy in Georgia. Cost can be difficult to pinpoint for medical procedures, because you often won’t know ahead of time what will be needed in the course of your surrogate’s pregnancy. Insurance will also greatly affect your overall expenses.

As an intended parent, you’d be responsible for the medical procedures, which includes donor fees (if needed), IVF, fertility medications, embryo transfer procedures, prenatal care, delivery costs and more. It’s unknown how many transfer attempts will be needed to achieve a successful pregnancy, so that’s also a factor.

The surrogate’s insurance situation and any necessary medical treatments during the pregnancy are unknowns that will affect the total, as well. However, your agency will likely be able to provide you with averages regarding medical expenses for intended parents and can also help you navigate insurance.

Surrogate Compensation and Reimbursement

In addition to covering the legal, medical, counseling and travel expenses, intended parents will have a surrogate cost. Georgia carriers put forth no small amount of time, physical effort and personal sacrifice, so parents typically provide a base compensation and a monthly allowance. The allowance covers miscellaneous costs like a surrogate’s maternity clothes, lost wages while she attends surrogacy- and pregnancy-related appointments, invasive medical procedures she may need and more.

The compensation that a surrogate receives will vary based on several factors, including her experience with surrogacy, her insurance coverage and the course of her pregnancy. Again, your agency will be able to explain its fee structure for surrogate compensation and can provide you with estimates.

Calculating Overall Surrogacy Costs

As you can see, the costs can add up when you’re pursuing surrogacy. Georgia cost totals in this process will require some research and talking to professionals to find options that are financially viable. We have a guide that suggests questions you should ask potential professionals about their expenses, services and more, to make sure that you get the most out of your dollar.

To aid you in your research, below you’ll find some of the nation’s top surrogacy professionals and their estimated total surrogacy costs:

American Surrogacy

American Surrogacy provides complete surrogacy services to prospective surrogates and intended parents across the country. Most of its surrogacy expenses are variable, but the agency provides an estimated total cost of surrogacy ranging from $75,000–$125,000.

Circle Surrogacy

Circle Surrogacy provides a full line of surrogacy and egg donation programs. According to its website, the cost for gestational surrogacy ranges from $100,000 to $150,000 depending on the program chosen. Intended parents are advised to allow for 10–15 percent above their standard program estimates for unforeseen developments.

3 Sisters Surrogacy

3 Sisters Surrogacy agency estimates total surrogacy costs to be $60,000–$100,000.

Reproductive Possibilities

Reproductive Possibilities includes a list of estimated expenses, with total expenses estimating $60,000–$80,000. However, this amount does not include costs for the medical procedures and pregnancy.

West Coast Surrogacy

West Coast Surrogacy provides an average cost estimate of $60,000–$120,000 depending on individual arrangements. A list of fees and costs is available on the agency’s website.

Request a consultation with a surrogacy professional today to learn more about the potential costs in your situation.

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