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Raising a Child Born from Surrogacy

Finally bringing your baby home will feel like the highly-anticipated finish line of the marathon that is the surrogacy process. But while your surrogacy journey — and your family — is now complete, your surrogacy story will continue to shape your lives even after the practical steps of the process are finished.

Throughout your surrogacy process, it’s important to start preparing for this next chapter: parenthood. While raising a surrogate-born child is generally no different from parenting a child who came to your family via more traditional means, there are some important factors to consider as you make the transition into parenting. Learn more about raising your surrogate-born child in the articles below.


Breastfeeding and Surrogacy

Breastfeeding is not impossible for you as an intended parent. With the proper preparation, you can have the same bonding experience with your child born via...


How to Emotionally Transfer a Baby Born via Surrogacy

It's important to consider the needs of the baby right after he or she is born — because an abrupt transfer from surrogate to intended parents...


Telling Your Child About His or Her Birth via Surrogacy

It's important to talk to your child as early and as often as possible to normalize their birth via surrogacy — and help them create a...


Tips for Intended Parents to Prepare for Parenthood

Surrogacy can be so complicated that some intended parents may completely forget about preparing for parenthood. Here are some tips to help.


What to Know About Raising a Donor-Conceived Child

Raising a child conceived from a donor gamete will come with unique challenges, but with preparation, you can make sure their genetic story is a non-issue.


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