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All the Resources You Need for Your Surrogacy in Topeka

If you are considering surrogacy in Topeka, you’re in the right place. While there are currently no surrogacy laws in Kansas, there may be in the future — and living in the state’s capital will help you be the first to know about any legal updates in this beautiful family-building process.

Today, you can certainly choose to complete a Topeka surrogacy, whether you are a prospective surrogate or intended parent. In the northeast corner of Kansas, you have access to many local, experienced surrogacy professionals to guide you through your journey. Contacting them to learn more is the first step toward making your surrogacy dreams come true.

So, who exactly do you need to work with to complete your surrogacy in Topeka? And how do you find the professionals that are right for you?

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of some of the local resources available in your area.

Topeka Surrogacy Agencies

Both intended parents and prospective surrogates are able to work with surrogacy agencies during their personal journey. These professionals can be invaluable to both first-time surrogacy clients and those who have done it before; they provide case management, support and counseling services from beginning to end of your surrogacy journey.

If you are considering surrogacy in Topeka, it’s a good idea to consider working with a surrogacy agency. You can choose to work with a local surrogacy agency in Kansas or a national agency that works across the U.S. Think about your personal preferences and interview your potential agencies before deciding which one is right for you.

To start, you might contact one of these surrogacy agencies:

Topeka Surrogacy Attorneys

A surrogacy attorney is another important professional that all intended parents and surrogates must hire — whether they are completing an altruistic, compensated, gestational or traditional surrogacy. Because there are no surrogacy laws in Kansas, this process is regulated by local medical and legal professionals. A surrogacy attorney in Topeka can help you understand the laws that may apply to your situation, as well as the legal steps you can expect moving forward.

Here are some surrogacy attorneys in your area that can answer all of your legal questions about surrogacy in Kansas:

Topeka Surrogacy Clinics

In addition to an attorney, you must also work with a fertility or surrogacy clinic for your surrogacy in Topeka. Surrogacy clinics provide specialized services for the medical process of surrogacy, including medically and psychologically screening prospective surrogates, prescribing a pre-transfer regimen to a surrogate and completing the embryo transfer procedure.

Often, intended parents already have a fertility clinic in mind when they begin their surrogacy journey — because they’ve already established a relationship due to prior fertility treatments. If this is your case, know that you can work with the same clinic, even if it is not located in Topeka or Kansas. If you haven’t yet found a surrogacy clinic, you will need to select one as part of your surrogacy plan.

Unfortunately, there are no fertility or surrogacy clinics located in Topeka. However, there are a wealth of fertility clinics in the Kansas City metropolitan area, like Johnson County and Kansas City. Here are a few you may consider:

If you are a prospective surrogate in Topeka, you will work with the clinic that your intended parents have selected. If you have to travel to complete these medical steps, your expenses will be covered by the intended parents.

Topeka Medical Professionals for Prenatal and Maternal Care and Delivery

Although you will initially work with your intended parents’ clinic if you are a surrogate, you will have the right to choose your own obstetrician once a healthy pregnancy is confirmed. Because you will be maintaining your everyday lifestyle when you are pregnant, it’s important that you are able to work with a medical professional who is convenient (and comfortable) for you.

Often, surrogates already have an obstetrician in mind from their previous pregnancies. If you don’t, you might consider these professionals for your prenatal care and delivery:

Speaking of delivery, it’s likely that your intended parents will be there to share this moment! Your surrogacy specialist will coordinate with you and the parents to create a delivery plan during your second trimester. The intended parents may also be present for some of your medical appointments during your pregnancy, as well. Choosing the right intended parents will help you build the positive relationship allowing for these shared moments.

Regardless of which professionals you choose for your surrogacy in Topeka, make sure they are the right ones for you. This may require some additional time researching and interviewing before jumping into your surrogacy process, so don’t ever feel rushed. This is an important journey you’re about to take, and choosing the right Topeka surrogacy resources from the start will make it much easier on you.

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